aePLASMA technology

Atmospheric environment plasma coating technology

Transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coatings can be applied to touch panels, solar cells, buildings, and smart windows.  Traditional TCO  are deposited in high temperature or vacuum environment; aePlasma 41 Co., ’s atmospheric environment plasma (ae Plasma) coating technology provides various thin-film coating processes, including TCO, in low-temperature(<150°C) and open-air environment. The optical and electrical characteristics of deposited films can be designed and adjusted by ae Plsama process. From the perspective of design, material, process and equipment, aePlasma 41 Co., Ltd’s ae Plasma technology aims to conserve the natural environment and resources.  The carbon emission is estimated to reduce by 1/3 compared to conventional process. It is an unique Eco-friendly technology for future green manufacture industry in the world. This technology was honored with the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award and R&D 100 Award.

Introduction to aeplasma 41 (English)

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